Secure documents in the cloud with GPG

  • starts at €4.27 per user/month with a minimum of 3 users;
  • Tresorit: starts at $25 for two users per month;
  • Sync: starts at $10 per user per month;
  • Storj: an distributed network of nodes for encrypted file storage (if you can set it up);
  • even more suggestions: Boxcryptor, Cryptomator, pCloud, Spideroak, etc.
  • watches a particular folder for changes;
  • encrypts any modified file with GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) in memory;
  • and saves the scrambled version in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder (or anywhere else you like really).
  • could detect changes to both folders and files;
  • is well-established;
  • and properly maintained.


function decrypt() {
# assumes doc has this format `/path/to/file/filename.extention.gpg
gpg --output ${doc:0:-4} --decrypt $doc



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Nik Vaklev

Nik Vaklev

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